Why do you need a Conveyancer?

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Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title from one person to another. The conveyancing process is designed to ensure that the buyer secures title to the land together with all the rights that run with the land, being notified of any restrictions in advance of purchase.

With the increase in the amount of online resources available, more people are looking to do the conveyancing themselves. However, we advise against DIY conveyancing as it comes with many potential pitfalls to watch out for.

How can a professional Conveyancer help?

A property lawyer (Licenced Conveyancer or Conveyancing Solicitor) can handle the legal aspect of the property transaction for you. They specialise in conveyancing and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon which will help them to spot potential problems before they arise. These include:

  • Issues relating to boundaries exposed by plans of the property
  • Paperwork not registered properly
  • Clauses in contracts included by other parties
  • Potential fraud issues if the property transfer is used as a front for an illegal transaction

Without an experienced Conveyancer guiding you, you might find yourself in trouble. For example, if your property is built over a sewer without your knowledge, the water board may need to demolish your house to gain access to the sewer. Now that’s an extreme example, but it has happened to homeowners in the past. Without an experienced Conveyancer advising you, you might be buying a property over a sewer without your knowledge. Conveyancers also have indemnity insurance that will protect you from financial losses in circumstances such as this.

A conveyancer would be required by law to hold valid indemnity insurance. This protects you from a financial loss in certain conditions such as a defective lease, bureaucratic problems with other lawyers and mortgage companies, lack of planning permission or building regulations consent, absentee landlord and a number of leasehold issues. Residential conveyancing can be a real battleground at times with various parties involved who may have conflicting interests, using a fully insured Conveyancer protects you from any of these unfortunate circumstances.

Another important consideration is the fact that all conveyancers and solicitors are governed by either the Council of Licensed Conveyancers or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This means that should any problems arise, you always have the confidence that a legal recourse of action is available and your issues can be looked at by a higher authority.

As mentioned previously, residential property conveyancing can be a battle at times, with a large amount of complex paperwork that needs to be processed correctly and in the right order to successfully transfer a title that is good and valid. With all the hassle and stress involved with moving house to begin with, perhaps it’s best to leave the complex procedures of conveyancing to the professionals who have the time, resources and knowledge to handle these tasks effectively.

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At Property Transaction we provide effective, efficient and online conveyancing services for anybody looking to transfer the title from one person to another, within the shortest timeframe possible and with full assurance that all aspects of the transaction are carefully checked to ensure that no problems will arise.

Our friendly advisers can explain how everything works for you – in a language that is simple to understand and free from jargon or technical terms, providing a free conveyancing quote online with no obligation to use our services.  Call our experts who will be happy to provide you with further details and advice to help you get through this difficult and often stressful time.