Conveyancing Guide

We hope our Conveyancing Guides will hep you to understand your conveyancing property transaction for either sale, purchase or property remortgage.

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Property Sale Conveyancing

The terminology and legal processes involved in selling a property can be frustrating if you don’t have a full grasp of the process. Property Transaction’s property sale conveyancing service is designed to help you; once we have received instructions to act on your behalf we will go into the detail of your roles and responsibilities without overwhelming you with technical details. Your dedicated Property Sale Conveyancer will be in touch within 48 hours of the phone call to discuss the Sales Conveyancing process further.

See our Property Sale Conveyancing Guide page for more information.

Property Purchase Conveyancing

Purchasing a property is a big commitment and often a stressful time; our property purchase conveyancing service is designed to ease the stress of the situation and ensure the purchase process runs smoothly and efficiently. Upon receiving instructions to act on your behalf, we will contact you to outline your roles and responsibilities.

Your property transaction will be allocated to a dedicated Conveyancer who will receive ‘pre-contract documentation’ from the seller’s solicitors which will answer any queries we need to know about the property and other property details we need for the Purchase Conveyancing transaction.

Your Property Purchase Conveyancer will then provide you with a report and will discuss the process with you.

See our Property Purchase Conveyancing Guide page for more information.

Property Remortgage Conveyancing

Remortgage of your property can be time consuming and complex. Our remortgaging conveyancing service aims to speed up the process so that it runs smoothly and efficiently with minimal stress to you. With our property remortgage conveyancing service the process will be completed 10 days upon receiving the offer of mortgage from your lender.

Within 48 hours of receiving instructions to act on your behalf, your dedicated Remortgage Conveyancer – who will be your point of contact throughout the conveyancing process – will write to you requesting certain documents so that a redemption figure can be obtained as soon as possible. Your Conveyancer will be available to you at all times through the Remortgaging Conveyancing transaction to help with any queries you have.

See our Property Remortgage Conveyancing Guide page for more information.

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We most sincerely hope that these property conveyancing guides will help explain your property transaction fully. Should you have any further queries in this respect, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our First Contact Team on 01633 509 606. Alternatively click here to request a conveyancing call back.