Buying a Property

Buying a Property

Property Transaction is an award-winning and market-leading specialist conveyancing practice.

Buying a house is probably the most important transaction we will make in our lifetime and we want the process to be as smooth and seamless as possible.

At Property Transaction, we are here to ensure that your experience is just that – smooth and seamless. We are experts in guiding you through the buying process. We promise to be by your side from the moment you agree to buy your house until the day you complete your property transaction.

Our service is efficient, friendly and personal and we will endeavour to make the process as straightforward as possible.

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Property Transaction has won a host of prestigious honours including three top awards for outstanding customer service at the ESTAS Awards: the Gold Regional Award for Wales, Best in County Award and Bronze in the National Conveyancing Group of the Year Award.  The ESTAS recognise the best conveyancers in the UK. 

Previously, Property Transaction won the Medium Size Employer award at the influential Apprenticeship Awards Cymru, run in association with the Welsh Government and the National Training Federation of Wales. 

We have also won the Best New Training Initiative award at the British Conveyancing Awards in recognition of our industry-leading apprenticeship scheme and training courses. 

Our Conveyancers

Our Conveyancers are highly trained and set outstanding customer service standards. You will be assigned your own personal Conveyancer who will assist you through the entire legal process. Your Conveyancer will keep you fully informed at each stage of your transaction and will decode any legal jargon so that you understand exactly what is happening.

Our excellent client feedback is testament to the personal, friendly and professional service provided by our Conveyancers. Their sole aim is to make your experience with us as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Example | Buying A Property Transaction Stages 

Step 1: Instructed

The client is sent a portal login to complete our online Welcome Pack and verify their ID. This process is designed to make it easy for clients to provide essential information and complete necessary checks in a secure and efficient manner.

Step 2: Welcome Pack Returned

The Conveyancer will review the completed Welcome Pack and ID information provided by the client. This is an important step in the process of verifying the client’s identity and ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

Step 3: Contracts Requested

We will now make a request to the seller’s Conveyancer for the contract documentation, which contains all the necessary information about the property. This will enable us to proceed with our review of the legal aspects of the transaction.

Step 4: Contracts Received

Upon receiving the contract documentation from the seller’s Conveyancer, we can commence our review of the property information. This will enable us to proceed with our assessment of the legal aspects of the transaction.

Step 5: Report On Title

After reviewing the contract documentation, the Conveyancer will provide the client with a comprehensive property report. The report will detail any pertinent information, helping you make an informed decision about the purchase.

Step 6: Legal Enquiries

In addition, the Conveyancer will send legal enquiries to the seller’s Conveyancer to gather more essential information. These inquiries are designed to ask specific questions and clarify any uncertainties.

Step 7: Searches Ordered

As part of the home buying process, a search package is usually conducted, which comprises a Local Authority, Water and Drainage, and an Environmental Search. It is common for the results to take up to three weeks.

Step 8: Mortgage Offer Received

The Conveyancer receives a copy of the Mortgage Offer, usually 3 to 5 days after the client receives their copy. They will review the offer and report to the client, to ensure they understand their mortgage obligations.

Step 9: Search Results Received

Local Authority, Water and Drainage, Environmental, and any other searches ordered will be received by the Conveyancer and reviewed. A detailed report will be sent to the client with a copy of the search results.

Step 10: Deposit Fund Requested

Once the Conveyancer has concluded that all enquiries have been addressed satisfactorily, they will prepare a Statement of Account and ask the client to provide the necessary funds. This is a crucial step in finalizing the transaction.

Step 11: Exchange of Contracts

Once all parties in the chain are prepared to proceed, and deposit funds have been received, a completion date is agreed upon, and the exchange of contracts can take place. This marks a significant milestone in the property transaction.

Step 12: Legally Bound

Once the exchange of contracts takes place, the client is legally bound to complete the purchase on the agreed-upon date and becomes responsible for insuring the property immediately. This is a critical stage in the transaction.

Step 13: Completion

Usually, there is a gap of a few days between exchange and completion. However, in certain cases, it is possible for both to take place on the same day. This can be arranged based on the needs and preferences of the parties involved.

Step 14: Day of Completion

On the day of completion, the Conveyancer will send all funds to the seller’s Conveyancer. Once received, usually around 2pm, their Conveyancer will contact the Estate Agents and instruct them to release the keys.

Step 15: Registration

Upon completion of the transaction, the property will be registered in the client’s name at the Land Registry. This is an important step in finalising the legal ownership of the property and ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.

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