Our FAQ page covers a range of topics related to conveyancing, including the conveyancing process, fees and charges, and legal requirements.

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No. We are an online conveyancing company, and we act for clients anywhere in England and Wales. We make it easy for you by removing the need to visit our office, through use of our online portal to which you will have access 24/7. You simply complete your forms electronically and upload your documents to our secure client portal. Your conveyancer will keep you updated with regular case status updates also available within the portal.

Yes. Once you instruct us, your transaction will be managed by your dedicated conveyancer. We will provide you with their details and these will be visible in our online case management tool too. Your dedicated conveyancer will guide you through the transaction from when your Welcome Pack documentation is provided and all the way through to completion. Your conveyancer will provide you regular case status updates through your client portal and will also converse with you via email, phone and post if required. Your conveyancer will contact you at key times throughout the transaction to advise of the progress and next steps. We recommend that if you want to speak to your conveyance on the phone, please send them an email to schedule a call with them at a time that is most convenient for you.

There are many factors that could dictate the length of time required to complete your transaction. Our Conveyancers and support team aim to progress your transaction to exchange as quickly as possible but many aspects of the transaction are outside our control – ie responses from other side solicitors, timeframes for search results to be returned or mortgage offers . On average across the UK, most Freehold transactions complete within 16-20 weeks from instruction. If your property is Leasehold or New Build, completion timeframes may be longer. Your conveyancer will keep you updated throughout the transaction as to how your case is progressing and will provide you with estimated exchange/completion dates as soon as possible.

Our Conveyancers are specialists who only undertake residential conveyancing and have dedicated support teams to assist with administrative tasks behind the scenes to ensure they can focus on providing a fantastic conveyancing service at a highly competitive price. We also use a number of revolutionary systems within our business to further streamline a number of processes including the ability to complete all your welcome pack documentation, identification forms and Source of Funds/Proof of Wealth information online, which integrates directly into our Case Management System which reduces data entry errors and costs.

We can provide you with a no move no fault no fee conveyancing service for a small administrative charge of £60.00 plus VAT. If for any reason your transaction fails to reach completion due to fault of your own, you will not be charged any legal fees (expect for disbursements). Full details of this product are available in our Terms of Engagement which is provided to you on instruction.

Your Conveyancer will always try to keep your legal fees to a minimum but there may be times that additional or unforeseen work may be required throughout your transaction. If there is additional work that needs to be undertaken, which falls outside of the legal cost estimate that we have provided, your Conveyancer will advise you of any potential additional legal fees and explain these to you prior to undertaking the work.

Online conveyancing means you can sell, buy or remortgage a property completely online. Our Conveyancers offer a nationwide conveyancing service throughout the whole of England and Wales. All their work is conducted by your client portal, telephone, email or via post as required. You can track the progress of your transaction via our Client Portal or by contacting your Conveyancer via their direct telephone number or email address.

If you are buying with a mortgage, your mortgage lender will require searches to be carried out. Your Conveyancer will advise you on the searches that you need to undertake, and the cost of the searches, once they receive the title documentation in relation to your transaction.

The most common searches obtained on a purchase are a Local Authority Search (which details planning and building regulation applications, conservation area and listed building applications, road schemes and environmental issues etc) and a Water and Drainage Search (to confirm that you are connected to the water mains and sewerage system).

We will also obtain an Environmental Report which details the likelihood of the property lying on contaminated land, subsidence risks or any other environmental issues which may affect the property. Searches are optional for cash buyers, however are recommended to ensure clients know the detail of the property and local area. The cost of Full search packages are £450 plus VAT.

Your Conveyancer will advise you of the searches that may be relevant to your property transaction. Ordinarily your Conveyancer would advise that you obtain a search pack containing a local authority, environmental and drainage search which cost approximately £450.00 plus VAT. Your Conveyancer will advise you on the searches that you need to undertake, and the cost of the searches once they receive the title documentation in relation to your transaction.

A Stamp Duty Land Tax return form needs to be completed in relation to every purchase transaction, regardless as to whether or not Stamp Duty is payable. This is a detailed tax return document that needs to be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs by your Conveyancer prior to you being able to register your interest in the property at the HM Land Registry. This fee covers the cost for our time to complete the return and submit to HM Land Registry on your behalf.

You must pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) if you purchase a property or land in England or Northern Ireland or Land Transaction Tax (LTT) if you buy a property or land in Wales This is a tax that is controlled and imposed by HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC). SDLT/LTT is calculated based on varying factors such as property price, if you are first time buyers, or if the property is a second/investment property. There are different exemptions and tax scales for SDLT & LTT so it is important that you provide accurate details to our team on instruction so that these fees can be calculated correctly for you. During your quote, we will calculate the SDLT or LTT which will be payable on completion and include it in our fee, so that you can see the total amount you will need to pay us with no surprises on your final bill. Should the property price change or other factors are identified throughout the transaction that may affect the SDLT/LTT you are required to pay, your conveyancer will contact you to advise and the final amount will also be detailed on your final statement before completion.

As there are many factors which influence the length of each conveyancing transaction and we cannot guarantee set completion deadlines at the early stages of a transaction. However, it is still important that we understand your situation and circumstances as soon as possible so that we can do all we can to expedite your transaction. There are many things you can do to speed up your transaction which include providing your Welcome Pack documentation, Identification documents and Source of Funds/Proof of wealth information as soon as possible, ordering your property searches as early as you can and ensure you have provided all required information to your lender so they can approve your Mortgage. It is important that we are also aware if you are using the Government Help to Buy scheme, receiving financial support towards the purchase of your property or other means to fund your property purchase as a number of processes and checks will be required to validate these funds before exchange of contracts. The more information we have available at the start of the transaction, the quicker we can progress your Sale, Purchase or Remortgage.

Our Conveyancers are Conveyancing Specialists which means that they have the experience, training and support to be able to deal with all types of Residential Conveyancing transactions including New Build, Shared Ownership and Leasehold. Particularly complex transactions are allocated to our most experienced and knowledgeable Conveyancers to ensure you are in safe hands and that the intricacies of your transaction are dealt with effectively. Your expert Conveyancer will ensure your transaction is progressed to completion as quickly and smoothly as possible.

A normal sale or purchase transaction can take up to 16-20 weeks to complete, our Conveyancer’s consistently record some of the fastest Conveyancing timelines in the country. They regularly complete transactions in under 11 weeks.

We are a conveyancing firm that specialise in property law and are regulated by the Council for Licenced Conveyancers (CLC). As Conveyancers, property law is our sole area of focus and allows us to be experts in our field.

Solicitors are law firms who usually take on a wide array of legal work, not just property law and they are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

We are incredibly proud of our training standards and the extensive knowledge of our Conveyancing and support teams who strive themselves on providing outstanding customer service and high quality conveyancing work to all clients.

One of our own award-winning Conveyancing specialists at Convey Law will be looking after you from start to finish. Convey Law consistently achieve some of the fastest timelines in the country in comparison to industry standards and regularly score over 90% in our client service ratings. They will provide you with an exceptional conveyancing service.

Government money laundering regulations require an electronic identity search to verify that you are who you say you are. We will require Identification documentation from you with your Welcome Pack documentation and will complete a number of electronic checks against your ID and personal information to confirm your identity. We operate a revolutionary and online identification process which is simple, easy to use and ensures we can progress your transaction as quickly as possible.

Our online case tracking facility provides you with a real time position in relation to your property transaction 24/7. It is linked directly through to your Conveyancer’s case management system and is updated as work is undertaken on your transaction. The case status facility will provide you with a precise paragraph of the up-to-date position of your property transaction and will be updated every 7 days in any event. It is a fantastic facility that will help to keep you updated throughout the course of your property transaction. The costs for this service is £25 plus VAT.

If you are seeing less expensive quotes, then please be sure to check the terms/conditions for hidden/uncapped fees. Some legal firms will give an estimate initially based on your personal information, and not everyone will include everything as standard initially – meaning you could face hidden costs on your final bill. Our fee also includes your Stamp Duty Land Tax, so please ensure any other quotes you are receiving also include this amount. Don’t forget that we also strive to offer a five-star service, and we offer a ‘No Move, No Legal Fee’ guarantee

Yes. There is a small fee of £60 (including VAT) for each ISA held as they require additional work to be undertaken. Please ensure you provide us details of any ISA’s that you plan to use to fund your purchase as soon as possible to prevent delays.

If you have a mortgage on the property, we will be required to undertake additional legal work to ensure your mortgage documentation is correct and all lender requirements have been satisfied. Once your mortgage has been approved, we will review your Mortgage Offer and provide a detailed report to you.

We have removed postal requirements where possible by allowing you to upload and download documents using our online client portal. There are a very limited number of documents that do have to be sent via post due to originals being required, but we will let you know of any documents like this as your case progressed.

You have access to your dedicated conveyancer via telephone and email. You can also access your online case file 24/7 where you can complete tasks requiring your attention or review your case status at any time.

The Building Safety Act which came into force in 2022, introduced new protections for leaseholders. The Act ensures that those who built defective buildings (such as unsafe cladding systems) take responsibility for remedying them, and that the building industry contributes to fixing the problem, not the leaseholders.

These measures are designed to ensure that those responsible rectify building defects and make them safe, whilst ensuring that leaseholders are firmly protected from the unfair costs of remediation that they previously faced.

Further guidance can be found at gov.co.uk

We will require further information from you at the outset of your transaction to identify if your property may be affected by the Act. Should your property be affected by these new regulations, a significant amount of additional legal work will be required and will be discussed with you by your Conveyancer.



We are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. The CLC are the specialist property law regulator meaning you can have peace of mind that we are regulated and compliant.

VAT is included in the quote you have taken from our website. The amount of VAT is displayed in the breakdown of the quote on the website and in the email we have sent you.

Yes, we do.

We are purely residential conveyancers and as such we don’t act on commercial property transactions.

We are unable to act on sale or purchase, being bought or sold through a limited company.