What to Look for in an Online Conveyancing Service ?

Some Solicitors and Conveyancers offer a poor conveyancing service, they’re slow, inefficient and don’t offer a personal service. But how do you know if the Conveyancer you plan on using is any good? What sort of questions should you ask to ensure your Conveyancing Solicitor can provide the level of service you require?

Are they fully licensed, with full indemnity insurance?

Online Conveyancers, like Conveyancing Solicitors, are required by law to be licensed with either the Council of Licensed Conveyancers or Solicitors Regulation Authority. Always check that your online conveyancer has this accreditation to their name.

They should also possess full indemnity insurance in order to protect you from suffering a financial loss if there are any defects in the leasing agreement or title transfer.

Are they specialists in conveyancing?

Solicitors that specialise in litigation, divorce, family, employment or commercial property law rarely provide the best residential conveyancing service. Also, if the solicitors handle other aspects of law then you may struggle to get hold of them if you need to ask an important question. They could be out of the office frequently or present in court and therefore unavailable to deal with your query.

Make sure that your online conveyancer is a specialist in residential conveyancing.

Can you speak directly with your conveyancer?

Conveyancing can be quite a complex, lengthy procedure. During this process you will want to know who your point of contact is and be able to reach them, should you have any questions or require any further information.

An effective conveyancing service provider will let you speak directly with the conveyancer or solicitor who is dealing with your request. They should take ownership of the task, offering comprehensive and transparent communication to keep you informed and updated of any developments.

Any other important factors to consider?

Apart from finding a fully regulated conveyancer who is both a specialist in this field and easily contactable, there are several other features to your online conveyancing service that should be considered.

Of course you will want the lowest price for the overall service. You should also look for a provider who offers a free conveyancing quote, with no obligation to use that particular company.

Another important feature is a No Move – No Fee Policy. This means that if the deal falls down through no fault of your own you will not be left with bills to pay and no house to move into.

Our Conveyancers

Our recommended online conveyancers offer No Move – No Fee, full telephone support, 24/7 Online Case Tracking of the conveyancing procedure and friendly staff who can help you with any queries you may have. Our conveyancers offers all of the above features and more, so there’s no need to look any further for your conveyancing services.

We can provide a quick conveyancing quote for free with no obligation to use our services. We only use fully licensed conveyancers who are specialists in this field and can therefore provide a personal and efficient service.

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May 15, 2017