Team take on Europe’s Toughest Mudder

On Saturday 22nd August 2020, Max’s cousin Zak and his partner Natalie took on Europe’s Virtual Toughest Mudder completing an incredible 73km within the 12-hour time limit. As if the continuous running was not challenging enough, the team also had to overcome 9 additional ‘obstacles’ including hand-tied press-ups, shower squats, and various activities involving a watermelon! Through this awesome achievement, the team have also raised nearly £1,500 for the Mindstep Foundation. You can still sponsor here.

“We knew that some of the obstacles later in the race would slow us down significantly, so we chose to take advantage of our energy levels and got the first 4 laps completed well before midnight. The mental battle really took hold on lap 5, but we kept on running. Our strategy was simple: just keep going.

The hardest part was the house being the pit stop to fuel up/prepare equipment for the obstacles; we could not succumb to the desire to sit down for five minutes because we knew we may nod off and not get back up! Some other competitors were taking strategic naps but we were focused on trying to complete as many laps as we possibly could.

As the sun came up, injury and exhaustion were winning and we were reduced to walking our last lap. Having conquered 9 laps – some even carrying a watermelon! – and 9 obstacles, we were already proud of our achievements. To find out that we positioned first out of the female and fourth out of the male competitors was a bonus!

Above all, we were proud to run for Max and for Mindstep. Thank you to all who donated to the cause.”

Zak Thomas

The Mindstep Foundation is hugely grateful to Zak and Natalie for undertaking this epic challenge in aid of the charity.

August 28, 2020