Take Care of Your Staff During COVID-19, Grow Your Business

Lloyd Davis, Managing Director of Property Transaction and The Conveyancing Academy, has shared his expertise on the importance of taking care of your employees and how by investing in them, they, in turn, will help your business to grow.

Video highlights include:

  • Importance of staff to grow your business – Often the most difficult process to growing a business
  • Staff benefits all-important – Working from home, holidays, excellent training
  • Staff welfare programmes – Good HR team, understanding management and counselling, in house provisions
  • Training – Recruit and retain new staff
  • Apprenticeships are now fully funded – 100% Government funding until January 2021. CLC Level 4 and 6 Academy apprenticeship courses


Many legal practices have in house trainers who would benefit from the Academy structure and courses. The Academy Team are talking to a number of practices about the possibility of working with them and employing – paying for their in-house training services.

The Conveyancing Academy know about conveyancing training. They are the only company exclusively specialising and practising in conveyancing.

If the Academy training programme can be of assistance to you, or if you would like to discuss any of the video highlights with Lloyd, please contact the Conveyancing Academy Team on 01633 261295 or email [email protected]


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