Reaction to SDLT Cut: Today’s Conveyancer Podcast with Convey Group MD Lloyd Davies & David Opie MD of Today’s Conveyancer

In this special episode of the Today’s Conveyancer Podcast host David Opie discusses the ins and outs of the announcement by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng to cut Stamp Duty rates in the mini-budget on Friday 23rd September.

David is joined by conveyancing industry veteran Lloyd Davies, Managing Director of Convey Group.

Lloyd lends his years of experience in the industry to the discussion, providing his thoughts on the rate cuts, alongside the overall package of tax cuts, as well as considering the current state of play with the continued war in Ukraine, interest rate rises, relaxation of mortgage rules, inflation, recession and supply and demand.

Are we heading for recession? Or will the SDLT cut “over-stimulate an already stimulated market” and create further capacity issues for the property market? And what does that mean for conveyancers up and down the country?

Listen in to hear Lloyd’s thoughts.

September 26, 2022