Mindstep funds Suicide Awareness Talk

On the 3rd October Professor Rory O’Connor, from Glasgow University, delivered a fascinating talk to parents and staff about understanding suicide and self-harm in young people.

Professor O’Connor is a renowned expert in the field and spoke intelligently and with compassion to over 700 parents and teachers at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls and at Monmouth Comprehensive school.

Zoe Lingham, a management training consultant, said: “It was a very informative talk around suicidal awareness with interesting facts given which made me consider different ways of dealing with situations.”

And Rebecca Thomas, who was also in the audience, said: “Everything that Professor O’Connor said was interesting and pertinent.

“Until we have a more open dialogue about suicide then we cannot find effective ways to combat suicide in teenagers and young people.”

Professor O’Connor leads the fellowship at Glasgow University which has been sponsored by the Mindstep Foundation. Foundation trustees Tracey and Lloyd Davies and the Mindstep Foundation are grateful to the Monmouth community of schools for promoting and staging the speaking events and making it possible for the community to better understand this very difficult issue.

October 3, 2019