Mindstep Burpee Challenge goes Viral

Last month, In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, one of Max’s friends from university, David, came up with the great idea of the Burpee Challenge. The challenge involved donating £5 for every 9 burpees you complete and then nominating others to do the same.

The significance of the number 9 is that it was Max’s position in rugby. He was an excellent scrum-half, donning the number 9 shirt for many years throughout school and university. David chose burpees because they symbolise being able to get back up when you’re down.

The challenge was a great success – a testament to a great idea and the power of social media. More than 150 took part, including international rugby players Liam Williams and George North. As well as spreading awareness, the challenge raised an impressive £1,800 for Mindstep.

Thank you to David for this great initiative, and to all those who took part and donated.

Be a part of the challenge and watch the video here: https://mindstepfoundation.com/news/mindstep-burpee-challenge-goes-viral

June 4, 2020