The Conveyancing Process for Vendors

The Conveyancing Process for Vendors

Upon instruction, as a vendor, you receive notably more paperwork than a purchaser would. This is down to the fact that you will have to provide current information on the sale property. This information can include details of:

• Boundaries
• Notices
• Guarantees
• Insurance
• Occupiers

You will also be required to fill out a fixtures and fittings form to clarify what furniture/fixed units are or are not included in the sale price of the property. In addition, if the property is leasehold, then your conveyancer will need to obtain the Leasehold Management pack from your landlord and provide this information to the buyer’s conveyancer.

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Once your conveyancer receives these details and confirmation of the buyer’s legal representation through the estate agent’s memorandum of sale then draft contracts will be issued detailing the initial agreement of the sale.

From here the emphasis of the transaction transfers to the buyer and their conveyancer. The buyer’s conveyancer will likely raise enquiries on the property of which you, as the vendor, and your conveyancer will have respond to adequately before the transaction can proceed to exchange.

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As the transaction nears Exchange of Contracts, you will need to agree a completion date with the buyer where the keys will be released to them. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the property is in the condition stated in the agreed contract.

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