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Online Conveyancing London

If you’re looking to buy, sell or remortgage your home in London, we can help. We assist people all over the UK to transfer properties simply, quickly, and with a minimum of expense.

Because we are an online solicitor, conveyancing is easier for you – there is no need to visit our offices in person. In the normal course of events, we can take care of everything for you by post, email and phone. Better still, as we are fixed fee conveyancing solicitors, you can see clearly what your costs will be before we even get started.

If you’ve never bought a property before, it might not be very clear what ‘conveyancing’ is. The service is essentially this:

  • A solicitor or an online conveyancer arranges for the exchange of contracts between the buyer and the seller of a property. These make the sale ‘official’ and legally binding on both parties.
  • Furthermore, the conveyancer oversees the transfer of the deposit and mortgage advance to the seller.
  • Your conveyancer also acts as your legal representative. An online conveyancer reviews all of the documents you’ll be asked to sign and advises you on your rights, obligations and the best course of action.
  • Finally, your conveyancer will obtain vital information about the property and its ownership from the local authority, and advise you on any risks this information uncovers.

Why Choose us for Online Conveyancing in London?

You need to be able to trust your conveyancer. After all, these are the people who will be ensuring the future of your house, home or other property for years to come. You shouldn’t simply use the first one recommended to you by an estate agent.

Our conveyancing solicitors deal with 99% of all mortgage lenders across the UK and deliver an award-winning service whilst still providing outstanding value. Our dedicated solicitors can handle every legal aspect of a property deal in London – from the very beginning, through the exchange of contracts and to the ultimate transfer of legal title. All of which is done with total transparency – which means no hidden fees and the safety net of our no move, no fee policy.

Why Don’t You Need a Conveyancer That’s Based in Your City?

Online Conveyancing is becoming more and more popular every year. Why? Because there is really no need to visit your solicitor in person to get the kind of results you need. Now, you can be buying a house in London but using a solicitor based anywhere in the UK.

We practice online conveyancing exclusively. That means there is no need to travel to our offices no matter where you live. We are located in various places across the UK to better serve all of our clients, North and South.

Online conveyancing also allows us to give you the full benefit of our online case management system. This not only ensures full transparency but keeps you just as informed as you wish to be about the process, 24 hours a day.

Whether you choose a local or online conveyancer, the most important thing you can do to help you decide is to compare testimonials from past clients. Online reviews will give you an excellent sense of whether the firm lives up to its promises in terms of service, price and speed. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped over 62,000 happy customers, and 90% of them say that they would use us again.

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