Online Conveyancing

Congratulations! Moving house is one of life’s greatest milestones and you’re on your way.
So now you’ll need to think about your conveyancing. Conveyancing is the essential legal part of the process which officially transfers property ownership from the seller to the buyer. We take you from the acceptance of an offer right through to your moving day.

Is Online Conveyancing Right for Me?

Choosing to use a traditional conveyancer or an online e-conveyancer is entirely up to you unless your mortgage lender stipulates that you use a specific firm.
All solicitors are qualified to undertake conveyancing, however not all will have experience in this area. It is therefore recommended that you chose a conveyancer that specialises in residential property or a firm of Licensed Conveyancers, who regularly conduct transactions of this kind.

Which is Cheaper?

Conveyancing solicitors have cut their costs significantly by conducting their services online. This means that although you may never meet your conveyancer face to face, you will be in constant communication with your designated conveyancer via telephone and email.
Conveyancing can be a lengthy process with lots of questions and queries from all parties. A traditional conveyancer in a high street solicitors may frequently ask you to visit their branch should you need to ask them for updates. This may cost you in travel expenses, but more importantly your time.

Which is Faster?

The conveyancing process can start once an offer on a house has been accepted, and by choosing to do your conveyancing online means that your conveyancer can get to work right away.
The timeline for conveyancing can vary dependent on the complexity of the transaction and the efficiency of third parties involved. It is therefore advisable that the conveyancer acts for both the seller and the buyer in order to speed up the process.
The national average for conveyancing is 14 weeks, depending on how smoothly the transaction runs. At Property Transaction we pride ourselves on having average timelines of 9 weeks, 5 times quicker than the UK industry average!

Keeping Up-to-Date

Online case tracking is used by most online conveyancers, allowing you to see the progress of your transaction. This also allows you to respond online, as well as sending scanned documents free of charge instead of sending them in the post.

The Best of Both Worlds

At Property Transaction we offer a unique conveyancing service. We carry out our transactions predominantly online, however, we do welcome you to come in and see your designated conveyancer should you need to!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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