The internet continues to become more and more prevalent in how consumers shop for services and commodities, with conveyancing being
Conveyancing is the legal process for buying and selling a property.  The legal process has been simplified as a result
Here at Property Transaction we are proud to offer an online conveyancing service, which allows you to stay up to
At Property Transaction we’re all about a fast, efficient service, which is why we offer a fast online property conveyancing
Our November edition of the Convey Law newsletter has been distributed today. A PDF version of the newsletter can be
New research from Santander Mortgages suggests that the vast majority of potential first-time buyers would be better off buying a
Choosing a solicitor or property lawyer Choose your conveyancing solicitor or property lawyer wisely and make them aware from the
Watching property prices in Britain is like riding a rollercoaster, one moment you are at the top, the next flying
Before you start the application process, you'll need a thorough understanding of the mortgage market. 1. Do your research Reading
It may be time for a re-vamp of your property and the way it’s being marketed! It's hard not to
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